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Date:2012 Years 10 Month 29 Browse [ 2012 ]

Now that the Internet Gambling buy pokerist chip Enforcement Act was (2006) by U.S. Congress (to a back-door sill plates attached to a port security restriction that was to happen), what now for online poker and its implications on the multi-have-passed billion dollar U.S. gambling industry as a whole?

The full impact of the US-Gambling Enforcement Act are not suitable for some time, probably the end of the next financial year to be known. The law, which restricts the provision for the players in order to make money with U.S. banking systems could be disastrous, not only for online poker companies, but also for the spin-off companies such as software vendors , payment mechanism and the many other businesses that feed all the online poker industry. Actually fell Neteller shares 63% when solving a statement that it carefully. Considering its response to the U.S. Act

Some of the smaller poker sites struggle to survive today, due to the massive loss of players from the United States. They have, for example Paradise Poker has lost around 80% of players from its network, and can now as a website that fight, the liquidity of players that are required to be able to create a competitive online poker provide site keep seen.

Already the law has forced many online gaming companies to rethink their strategy and focus new, and there has been much speculation about mergers and acquisitions, with sites like Party Poker and 888 even suggested cooperation.

However, since the law, companies are now said to be increasing their marketing spend in the UK and in Europe, as a way to view the front and away from reliance on the U.S. market. PartyGaming, one of the largest poker operator, has already. An essential part of the gaming market outside the U.S., with $ 150 million in revenue from non-US business generated this year, a 151% increase over the previous year Playtech, another major player has won more than 50% of the business from other regions such as Asia and Europe, it is likely the effects of the U.S. law to survive.

Many of the large companies have suspended payments from U.S. players, but sites such as Party Poker still allow access from U.S. players to play their free games.

Also, since the US-Gambling Act happened, some U.S. players who can not find ways of money to play online poker. One such player was said to have closed his PartyPoker account, the money wired to an offshore account via Neteller, and then deposited via Neteller to PokerStars, a Canadian poker site. Casino City (the online poker traffic monitoring) will see a huge increase in traffic in other offshore poker sites have, fueling speculation that U.S. players not to play in fulfilling their desire and play poker are disabled.

On the other side of the ocean, the United Kingdom has recently seen a safe passage to the UK Gambling Act. The law could help the UK is one of the largest online gaming centers in the world to be. This will of course depend on the next level processes so that tax rates and gambling regulations to not be too tight restrict the operation of online gambling. The British law will play an important role in supporting age verification to monitor gambling and fraudulent behavior and also allows the United Kingdom to provide legitimate access to online gaming, what other European countries want to be seen to follow.

To see the state lotteries in most countries in Europe online gaming restricted. Than protect their own profits, but the future looks brighter in Europe, with countries such as Italy and Portugal also look at the licensing situation regarding online gaming In fact, Italy has recently invited tenders, a state run by his operations.

What impact will the U.S. Act on the European online poker market? Well, probably it will be a war to the commercialization of an increased number of competitors in a smaller market, due to the U.S. and change the difficulty of entering the Asian market. So probably the cost of acquiring any poker player much bigger and profitability in the industry drop shortly.

Overall, the future looks bright for online poker. Sites like Juega Poker Ya working in Spain, an increase to its poker network by about 30% this year have seen, as thousands of aspiring Spanish poker players queuing to learn to how to repeat the world's greatest card game in the hope of success of the Spanish play poker supremo Carlos Mortenson, world poker champion only three or four years.

One thing that U.S. law has, since he reached his place, and that is back online poker to have an even larger audience. It has meant that players look for other sites that are not limitations, and it means that U.S. players are fighting even harder in the face of adversity and to ensure that they continue with their favorite online pastime pokerist chips.

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